The Show

Bio security is a very serious concern of SAKKS at koi shows. Bio security measures were implemented many years ago in order to prevent the possible spread of disease.

The "English" style koi show are used in South Africa. Each koi keeper has his own pond and only his own fish are entered into this pond. There is absolutely no mixing of koi at the show.

  • The design of the koi show is such that there is sufficient distance between ponds to avoid splashing and at some shows splash-screens are erected.
  • Air Stones are sterilized before use at a show.
  • On site every pond gets rinsed with Virkon S before be being set up and filled.
  • Every pond has its own syringe attached to it. This is for the water officer to take samples throughout the show for water quality tests. There is no contact between the water and the hands.

Biosecurity at Benching

  • Benching at koi shows is done at each individual's pond and not at a central point. On arrival at the show the koi keepers is allocated his or her pond and takes their fish to that pond together with their photographs. That individual koi keeper then has their fish logged in, measured and categorised.
  • Measuring bowls are dipped for at least 2 minutes in a highly concentrated Virkon S solution in a sterilisation tank.
  • At all times during benching any official assisting who gets their hands wet for any reason has to sterilize their hands before moving to the next pond.

Biosecurity during the Show

  • Koi keepers have to bring their own nets and bowls for each individual pond. No nets or bowls are permitted to be used between ponds.
  • All poles for nets must have a rubber stopper to prevent water moving through the pole into any other pond.
  • Dealers are required to have quarantined all the stock correctly before bringing onto site.
  • Dealers showing koi or selling koi have to produce a KHV free certificate.
  • Dealers are required to ensure the biosecurity of their own stands by disinfecting any member of the public's hands which have handled fish in a sales vat. Alternatively they are to ensure no one but their own staff handles koi on their show site stands.
  • A member of SAKKS will spray a steriliser on any water found on the ground anywhere within the show area at any time.
  • Signs are erected throughout the show warning the public to keep their hands out of the water.
  • At the end of the show individual koi keepers remove their koi with the help of a team of de-benchers (if required). The same protocols are applied to hands getting wet. Only bowls and nets from a particular pond are allowed to be used to bowl and bag koi in that pond.