South African Koi enthusiast Paul Coetzee achieves great success with his Koi at the all Japan Koi Show




The All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show organised by the All Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association, and held in conjunction with the ZNA in Tokyo, is the most prestigious koi show in the world.

Apart from having a huge entry of koi each year, it is at this koi show that the breeders endeavour to enter their very best show koi, whether in their own name or that of one of their customers. With the tremendous competition one finds at this show, to win any award is highly valued and it is only the very best koi that can expect to win an award at this show.

Last year Paul Coetzee, one of our well known KwaZulu Natal Chapter members entered his 67 cm Showa, bred by Tamaura, (see photo below) and it achieved a very worthy 3rd place in the 70 Bu Showa class. This Showa was kept in Japan for Paul and grown on by Ryuki of Narita Koi Farm. Unfortunately some small damage resulted in this Showa (now around 74 cm) not being entered again this year.



However Paul also had another Showa, which is 54 cm, bred by Otozou, which was also being grown on at Narita Koi Farm and which he entered on this years All Japan Show in Tokyo.

The photograph reflects the superb quality of this Showa. And unsurprisingly this Showa took a 2nd Place award in the 55 Bu Showa class, being pipped only by another Showa that was reputedly worth 4 to 5 times the price that Paul had bought his for. One has to appreciate too that the Go-sanke classes in Japan are the most hotly contested making these awards even more prestigious.



We understand that these two koi will be returning to South Africa in the next few months and we look forward to seeing them at our Show in July ... yes Paul?