The Mud Pond Dragging at Penrith Koi Farm - Saturday 23 October 2010



A huge thanks to Jamie and Cheryl Stedman for hosting this truly wonderful day. For those of you who missed it, the weather held out until late afternoon and we all had a great time either participating in the dragging of the mud pond or simply watching those who got down and dirty!

When we arrived the water level in the mud pond had already been dropped so it was simply a matter of getting the drag net into the water and pulling it around to the area where the koi were to be netted and taken to the first holding vat – filled with the same dam water. When all the koi were netted they were then moved into another vat with clear water. This is the exciting time , not only for the members present but for Jamie himself as this is the first time he will have had a chance to see close up the fruits of his spawnings and hard work. The Kyknet TV presenter, Marshall, and cameraman/ director , Barrett Harvey, were there to capture the entire day and we all look forward to seeing the final footage sometime early next year.

After quickly grading and selecting the higher quality koi and placing these in another vat, members were once again members given an opportunity to participate in a draw which guaranteed your selection of one of the many koi that had just been harvested. Members eagerly put in the R100 which secured them a number and when all had their numbers, the draw took place to determine the order of selecting. This is really great fun for everyone and we thank Jamie for giving us this opportunity to select one of his newly harvested tosai. The high quality koi in the other vat were also for sale and were individually priced. Some superb Shiro Utsuri in particular were quickly snapped up from this vat.  

Jamie also surprised us all by auctioning the superb Shiro Utsuri that won Baby Grand Champion at the Lake Eland Game Reserve KZN Koi Show in July this year. (see accompanying photograph). This beautiful koi finally went to Gerard Loumeau who no doubt will be showing it again at the 2011 Lake Eland Game Reserve SA National Koi Show in Durban in July 2011. This Shiro Utsuri is testament to the kind of quality koi that can be found at Penrith Koi Farm.

What is even more surprising is that Jamie donated the proceeds of the Auction -  R3700 -  towards our Show in July next year, which is in addition to his joint sponsorship with Lake Eland Game Reserve. Yes, we are delighted that Lake Eland Game Reserve and Penrith Koi Farm have again agreed to sponsor or show in KwaZulu Natal.

Thanks Jamie we really are most grateful.

(picture - Jamie Stedman of Pernith Koi Farm)