Chris On Koi

Fishy stories, facts and myths as told at the edge of the koi pond by Chris Neaves.

A Drop in The Ocean?

Have you ever thought about the almost insurmountable problems in making a pond waterproof? Is a completely waterproof pond an impossible dream? Substantial leaks need attention, no doubt about it. However, at some point or the other, insanity will overcome you, before each and every leak is found and fixed in the average pond.

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Stocking Densities

Stocking densities have a direct influence on the overall health of your Koi and the quality of the pond environment.

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Imagine a river…..


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The Nature of Successful Koi Keeping - Introduction

"Koi keeping is a peculiar mix of hobby, art, science, and commerce"(Professor Dominique P. Bureau of the University of Guelph)

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Dynamics of a Koi Pond

Water is a very remarkable substance. Without water life would not exist on earth.


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Converting a Swimming Pool to a Koi Pond + a Gravity Fed Filtration System

Miss Piggy



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